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Mind & Muscle

At Mind & Muscle, we believe fitness is more than just a lifestyle. It’s about understanding your body and learning how to make simple changes that will help you achieve long term, sustainable results.
We are here to empower you with the skills to help you eat healthier, train smarter and get stronger, to get the most out of your life.
We are passionate about being fit for life – the freedom to have fun with family and friends.

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The Method

Wake up! Kick ass! Repeat!

Correcting Dysfunction

We place significant emphasis on first correcting body imbalances, increasing range can i pay someone to write my paper of movement, greater recruitment of muscles and gaining strength. Your body is designed to protect itself, if it’s not moving smoothly it will restrict the movement to stay safe.


Before building a great tower we must first lay the foundations. To create sustainable progress it’s important to first learn how to exercise correctly. We focus on applying the correct techniques which form the building blocks to future progression.

Tailored Nutrition

Dieting may seem easy until life gets in the way. With an easy to use unique software, healthy eating is made easy. It has the flexibility to make changes on the go, so getting on and staying on your nutrition plan is simple.


The best motivation can come from seeing others succeed. Share your success, drive change and be encouraged to be the best version of yourself… Benefit from access to small group training teams to help you hit your goals.

Leaner and Stronger

We organise our training into Strength sessions and Conditioning sessions to ensure you’re getting fitter, leaner and stronger.


The untapped power house of the human body! Strengthening your ghostwriting agentur glutes helps relieve a lot of back and knee pain, improves performance and creates better posture.

Success Stories

Sharing success with others is a key part to building a great team environment. Here are some stories of past and present clients.

Alistair is an amazing personal trainer. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. He really listens to what you want to achieve and comes up with a tailored program to help you achieve that. His attention to detail and technique is fantastic which helps you get the most out of your workout safely. He is very personable and encouraging during the sessions. He makes the training sessions fun and I have achieved great results training with Alistair.

Han Lee

Group Fitness Insturctor

Alistair was my first and last PT and completely changed my perception of the gym in the best way possible. Al took the time to sit down with me and help me find out what my goals were and achieve them, whilst making each session fun but challenging.
I’ve learnt so much from him that I am now able to go to the gym by myslef and create my own workouts knowing I have the correct technique. After a year of training with him, he wasn’t only my PT but also became my friend.

Sarah Etherington


Alistair’s flexible training approach is one of a kind. He is a fantastic teacher who helped me overcome injury to achieve my personal goals.

Michael Ostaszkiewicz

IT Consultant

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