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Success Stories

Sharing success with others is a key part to building a great team environment. Here are some stories of past and present clients.

Alistair was my first and last PT and completely changed my perception of the gym in the best way possible. Al took the time to sit down with me and help find out what my goals were and helped me achieve them, whilst making each session fun but challenging. 

I’ve learnt so much from him that I am now able to go to the gym by myself and create my own workouts knowing I have the correct technique. 

After a year training with him, he wasn’t only my PT but also became my friend. 



During my years of training with Alistair, he would always find ways to adapt our training so that it pushed me, challenging, but I enjoyed the activity. He focused on educating me so that I understood what and why we were doing what we were doing so I could make lasting changes outside of our sessions. Alistair was so motivating, my favourite sessions where our ‘girls group’ sessions where I joined a group of his other clients for a intense, but social session! Alistair is extremely approcahable and genuinely wants to see you achieve your goals. There wasn’t a limit to the support I received, from food based questions like “Strawberry Jam is healthy, right?” to getting personalised programs, to discussing major life decisions during our sessions. Alistair is the reason I stuck with exercising and I would recommend him in a heartbeat!



I have been training with Alistair for almost 2 years now and in this time he has helped me change not only physically but mentally. He’s taught me how to make the right choices with my nutrition helping me in every day situations when I dine out. 
Alistair has a ‘can do’ attitute and tailored a program specifically to myself and my needs – not only my wants. He pushes me when I need but also pulls me back when I should slow down. He manages to find me the perfect balance. 

I can happily say I owe every acheivement to date to Alistair, he has helped me immensely and I will continue to work with him. I have had trainers in the past and his style of training is unique yet very beneficial like no other. Alistair cares about his clients and ensures each one is made to feel like they are his first priority.


Project Officer

Alistair is an amazing personal trainer. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. He really listens to what you want to achieve and comes up with a tailored program to help you achieve that. His attention to detail and technique is fantastic which helps you get the most out of your workout safely. He is very personable and encouraging during the sessions. He makes the training sessions fun and I have achieved great results training with Alistair.


Group Fitness Instructor

I had been feeling that my go to weightloss strategy of reducing calories and increased running was not working for me anymore. I started circuit training with weights and whilst I loved it, I found my back was aching due to poor technique. A friend recommended I meet with Alistair and have been training with him since. I love that he went back to basics and focusses on the technique. You can really see that doing less repetitions properly is far more effective that doing many badly!

He has shown that training with weights does not have to be about bulking up, it changes your fat/muscle composition so you can look toned even if mainaining the same weight. 

I also love the individualised flexible eating plan and the associated software., whereby I have increased my goal calories by at least 50% over the period I’ve trained with him and still lost weight.
Alistair is extremely knowledgeable and lots of fun… great motivation to get exercising!

But It’s all in the results, just under 3 months on, I’m leaner and stronger! (3kg lighter, 5% body fat drop and feeling healthy).


Financial Manager

Alistair’s flexible training approach is one of a kind. He is a fantastic teacher who helped me overcome injury to achieve my personal goals.


IT Consultant

I never thought about getting a personal trainer.  This changed when I realised I had spent years “busting my ass” and not getting any results.  When I first started training with Alistair, I was skeptical.  Our first two sessions focused on technique and body movement.  I had been training independantly for a long time, and going back to the basics was somewhat frustrating.  However, I made the decision to trust in Alistair’s methods and process, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made.  The results speak for itself – in the first three weeks, I lost 4 kgs, and 7% body fat.  While the results have been fantastic, the key has been consistency.  I have been training with Alistair for 4 months, and I feel much fitter and stronger.  I can now appreciate Alistair’s emphasis on technique, as it has been the foundation for continuos improvement.  Alistair is excellent at what he does, and his passion for helping others with their goals is reflected in his clients’ positive attitude to fitness.


Portfolio Advisor

I trained with Alistair for 6 months and then placed in my first ever body building competition, gaining 3rd place in the Season 1 2017 INBA ACT Men’s Fitness Division.  The great thing about Alistair’s PT style is that he takes the time and effort in the beginning to really focus on technique, ensuring that I had good form to reduce the risk of injury and to build up confidence and momentum.  Now I am working with Alistair online towards my second competition and I have never been stronger or in better shape and the weights keep increasing week after week!


Minister's Cabinet